The Salem Witch Day Lily

 As the sun was just coming up this morning, Teddy and I went out to  check our plants.
These are San Marzano tomatoes growing right behind the mushroom table and a pot of green onions to the right.

 I am going to grow the zucchini vertically if any of my blossoms ever set.

 Flowering potatoes.

 And my cukes sure are loving being planted in their bag of potting soil. The bag on the right is holding surprise plants.  I have no idea what they are.  I started them from seed and marked them but the ink washed off of the markers.  I can't wait to see what they are.

 This tomato (tree) plant is as high as the roof on my garage.

 And I have lots of green tomatoes that are about half way to ripening.

 The cistern is running.  It's wonderful to hear it on these scorching hot days.

 And the surest sign that the days are getting shorter, the Oak Leaf Hydrangeas are turning pink. It never ceases to amaze me that they know when it's solstice.  The very next day you can see the pink on them.

 Have you seen the adds for the new Rust-oleum product you use to  restore the finish on old pieces which have become dull?

  This furniture has been sitting outside for almost 20 years and was really looking dull and dingy.  We washed it thoroughly and coated it with ReCOLOR.  Here it is right after it was coated. It restores the color instantly and repels dirt and water, resists stains and adds UV protection.  We shall see if this works, if it does it is a miracle product!
 Teddy is looking for 'bad kitties'.  She knows they were frolicking while she was sleeping.

 I started these morning glories from seed and I am going to train them to grow up over my potting table.  They are already wrapping around the leg on the little table.

 These are black eyed susan vines that I am training to grow on the shelves on my outdoor sink.

 And I have beans growing on my lantern.  If you stand still too long around here, I will train something to grow on you.

 My okra started out slowly but now it is growing like crazy.

 This is Fall Flowering Clematis which is white with tiny flowers.  The painters cut it down to the ground last summer and now apparently a different Clematis has grown back.  See the big purple flower?  I didn't know that Clematis was grafted?

 And oh the gardening shame.  I had 4 tomatoes and nothing left to grow them in so I ripped open bags of potting soil and just like my cukes, the tomatoes are now growing in bags. Hey....grow bags are selling for 20+ dollars in gardening catalogs so why not just do it like this?  Sitting on hot concrete in the sun is like sitting on grow mats.

Another sign that Summer has arrived is the blooming of my Salem Witch Day lily.

It always blooms within days of the solstice.

 I took these pics this morning as it was opening.

They don't last long but they sure are pretty.


I have never seen zucchini grown vertically. Love the BEAUTIFUL lily. The color is gorgeous. I like a flower that comes alive during the solstice.