The Stanley Cup

 For all of my Canadian friends and hockey lovers everywhere, read it and weep.  Mario Lemieux! Thank you Montreal.

 The wonder kid,  Matt Murray. Thank you Thunder Bay.

 Smile Syd, smile.  Thank you Nova Scotia.

 And raise the cup!

 Phil the Thrill. 

 Thank you Toronto.  (I know he's American but Toronto traded him to us.)

Hockey Quiz...who is this guy?    Thank you Canada for creating all of these fabulous hockey players and sending them to us.  Fourth time for the cup here....just sayin'.


Anonymous said…
Congratulations! They were well worth it and it hurts to write that because I'm a New York Rangers fan :-)

Have a great day!

Gemmagirl said…
I am weeping. If these guys hadn't been traded, then there might of been hope for our our basement team, the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Guillaume said…
Mario Lemieux, simply the greatest. I have lost hope for the Habs, I doubt Montreal will ever see the Stanley Cup again.
Hey, love the photos of the victory parade! Yes, I'm crying but not too much because I cheered for the Penguins in the finals. I do love Sidney Crosby and now Matt Murray too! And I know who the guy in the turban is! Well, not his actual name, but he calls the hockey broadcasts done in the Punjabi language here in Canada. He did the now-notorious "Bonino-Bonino-BONINO!" ululating call when Bonino scored his big goal.
Oh, and it may be Pittsburgh's fourth Cup but we still have five, count 'em, FIVE here in Edmonton. I'm just sayin' too!
Victory always feels good. Congrats. I know not a thing about hockey but I like Maple Leaf cookies, not to be confused with support for the team.
Lois said…
The last time Canada won the Stanley Cup my sister got to hold it... And I think she cursed it. :(
Jim said…
Sid grew up not too far from here. He is the local celeb!
Alice said…
Pittsburgh, the City of Champions! The Pens created a lot of excitment around here. Well played.
chickpea678 said…
I see that you have a house of hockey fans :) I failed the quiz, lol.
longtime wife said…
I am a proud burgher, and this was amazingly fun to watch and be part of. Oh Edmonton, we may have four Stanley cups, but we also have six super bowl rings and four world series.😁😙
We are the city of champions after all.