Garlic Harvest

 My garlic is harvested, cleaned and trimmed.  The heads are not as large as I would like but I got some in my CSA this past week and they were smaller than mine.  I puffed out my garlic growing chest and strutted around the kitchen a few times.

I throw the smallest ones in a separate basket and use them whole in stocks and soups and stews.  How does your garlic grow?


Everything in My Rare One's garden is just growing like gangbusters this summer -- everything but the garlic. It started off okay and then they all just crapped out. She thinks we got too much rain at the wrong time for them.
Valerie said…
Hmm--I always plant garlic in the fall and harvest in the spring. My harvest varies, depending on what variety I use. I love that you throw whole heads into the soup pot! I like to put a head in the pan when I'm roasting chicken. I love reading your blog--but I think I gain weight just reading about your wonderful cooking!
The JR said…
I've left mine in the ground growing since I planted it. I love the flowers it makes.

will have to tell off on myself.........I buy the huge already peeled cloves of garlic from Sam's and keep them in the fridge for cooking

Happy weekend.
Anonymous said…
Have no garlic this year but I'll buy and plant some this autumn.

Have a great day!

I bought some farm fresh garlic this week at the farmstand and it is so delicious! I plan on growing some next year!!!
Susan said…
I've still got mine in the ground - I'm hopeful that it won't be as small as last year (cold, wet spring). Your garlic looks pretty dang good!
Unknown said…

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chickpea678 said…
Thanks for that good idea for the small garlic heads! You are quite a talented gardener, outdoing your CSA!