Playing With My Food

Another killer busy day and no time for a proper blog post but I thought I would show you two more entries to John's flower show  veggies exhibition.  A zombie melon.
And me and my snowman.


Guillaume said…
I thought it was a possessed melon, needing exorcism. Gosh I'm getting into a Halloween mood!
laurie said…
you're really good at this lol,,,

gracie will love that zombie!!!
Love the first melon. Very zombie like.
Susan said…
That melon is to DIE for..... :)
The Trelawnyd Flower Show is turning you into a real artiste!
I laughed out loud when I saw that first photo :-)
I thoughtthat You miss autumn and Halloween so much that You started very early and with a melon :-) It's great :-)

Have a great day!

Jim said…
John will LOVE the Zombie, Joyce!!
Jan said…
so cute :})
chickpea678 said…
I LOVE the carrot radish dude :)!