Potting Soil Bag Gardening

 As it turns out, my desperation to find additional containers to hold my extra plants this Spring worked out very well.  After I ran out of pots and still had some tomatoes and cukes to plant, I grabbed bags of soil, pierced them with my spade and stuck the plants in them.  They love it.  These cucumbers are going a bit crazy.  They love the heat from the driveway.  The plastic bags hold the water very well even though there are lots of drainage holes.

 And these tomatoes were almost goners before I stuck them in these bags.  They are very happy tomato campers now.

 My potatoes are flowering.  This is the first year I have planted them.

 What are these?  They are on my tomato plants.  Are my potatoes growing tomatoes?

 The horse watering trough garden is thriving.

 I'm growing morning glories over the cage on my potting bench.

My okra started out really slowly but now that we have sweltering heat, it is thriving.
But Fall is on the way!  Look how dark the oakleaf hydrangeas are already.


Anonymous said…
Everything look just great!
It works really good to just plant in the soil bags, the plastic helps keeping the soild moist much better than any pot to be honest.

My potatoes aren't flowering yet and older varieties usually give fruits that look like small tomatoes but they are poisonous :-) The seeds in them can be planted next year and can give all kinds of fun potatoes :-) Any color and size and they can taste anything from ordinary to delicious but they can also be very sensitive for several diseases one doesn't want in the ground. I've tried to sow them a few times but so far I've just gotten nice potatoes :-)

Have a great day!


(Still haven't figured out how to get blogger to accept my new blog address :-) )

That's the way to do it. Grab the bags.
What magnificent greenery! My Rare One's garden is growing like topsy too. Everything but the garlic, which tanked. Probably too much rain at the wrong stage.
HappyCrone said…
I have to echo Christer, they are poisonous! As are the leaves of the tomato and potato plants, nightshade family.
The thought of Autumn is music to my ears. loving your garden and all it's delectable goodies.
Guillaume said…
Feels like we might have an early autumn here as it has been mostly a cool summer so far. I need to do gardening now that the lawn is mowed. But I wonder if it's not a bit late in the year.
chickpea678 said…
Is anything in your garden *not* thriving? Everything looks so happy and well taken care of!
Kay said…
Wow! Your garden is truly awesome. I'm so envious!