The Best Dog Poop Bags Ever

 The Blog Techs future MIL sent these to us recently.

Might be the best gift I've ever received. (click for a closer look)


Mary said…
Makes me wish I still had a dog, hahaha. Best bags ever agreed.
:-) :-) :-)

I'm so glad I don't need them here :-)

Have a great day!


I just can't get blogger to accept my new address:
HAHAHAHAHAHA! And so, so fitting.
Guillaume said…
That shit just got dirtier. I think I'd rather scoop it with my hands than touch even an image of Trump.
Ian's Girl said…
They've got them for Clinton, too. This may be the first time in 40 years I don't vote.
1st Man said…
I think I'd volunteer to walk someone's dog for that!
Love it! I got my son Trump toilet paper. He enjoys using it but said it is rough and falls apart easily. $13 well spent.
lady M said…
Tee hee - that's funny.
POOP picker uppers. LOVE those bags.
Jim said…
OH YEAH! These are great!!! Gotta love your future in-laws!!
chickpea678 said…
That's a pretty darn good gift!