The Italian Grocery Store

 I left early this morning to run to my favorite Italian grocery store to stock up on things I needed.  I bought some balsamic vinegar and some red wine.  When I am using it to make salad dressings, I buy Colavita.  It's a good quality at a good price.

 I buy olive oil by the gallon.

 I had to supplement my homegrown basil with theirs to make pesto.  Though I have planted 8 basil plants, they can't keep up with my cooking.  We eat a lot of basil in season.

 I bought some local fresh eggs and some good tuna packed in oil.  I'll show you soon what I am making with these.

 We eat a lot of these Queen Anne cherries when they are in season.

 An assortment of olives. My life revolves around olives and pickles.

 My favorite cheese is finally in season.  If you can find Graskaas cheese, give it a try.

Imported Provolone, freshly grated Parmesan and Bocco  in olive oil with basil and tomatoes.


Anonymous said…
That's something I miss when living in the countryside, the special stores. We do have an Asian store nearby but that's it I think.

Have a great day!
Fiona said…
Try Lettuce leaf basil...we are growing it this year and it has handled the extreme heat without bolting and has huge tasty leaves. Our other selection is Spicy Bush basil that takes the heat well and grows in a rather pretty round bush is as ornamental as it is useful.
Guillaume said…
Funny we have an Italian food shop too. But it's not a grocery.
I would give my right arm for an international grocery store. It's so hard to find real Italian, Greek or Danish food items out here in my part of Texas.
Mmmmm, your version of Caprese salad is making my mouth water!
Susan said…
I'm with Fiona on the lettuce leaf basil - it's wonderful! I do find that living in the sticks leaves one with a dearth of choices, food-wise. You can't grow olives in upstate NY.
The cherries. the olives. The olive oil. All things at my house too. Going to have to look for some fresh parm too. Your store looks amazing. GREAT products.