It's a jungle out there.

 But my cukes are still loving their bag of potting soil.

 This tomato plant was over 8 feet tall before I finally lopped off the top.

 I've only gotten 4 red tomatoes so far.  I have so many green ones I am wondering if they are all going to ripen at the same time.

 The okra is slow growing with no signs of flowers yet.

 Morning glories growing on the potting table.

Black Eyed Susan vines growing on the sink.


Anonymous said…
It looks fantastic!
I only have two tomato plants this year and they have started to give me ripe tomatoes now. One or two every day if I want any for breakfast :-) No zucchinis though and the carrots are barely showing :-)

Have a great day!

Candace said…
I was talking to an elderly farmer at our local farmer's market yesterday about the fact that my tomatoes are huge, yet far from turning red. He said to cut back on the water - only twice a week now, and that should jump start them. Although we're on opposite ends of the country, it might just help!
Guillaume said…
Love tomatoes on a hot summer day.
Holy Moly! Those tomatoes look so good.
Our tomatoes all ripened at once and we canned and canned. We made many jars of relish..gave to family. It was wonderful but I'm still remembering the work. I haven' raised a tomato since..but ...I think about it.
You have lots of growing things to look forward to.
Alice said…
Do you have directions posted for your mirror chain? Found the mirror redo. Looks beautiful.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i will try to post one soon. i'm so busy with the wedding!
Love the mirror chain. But that garden is abundantly full of love