Visting Amish Country

In the midst of this killer heatwave, we are trying to stay cool and distract ourselves any way we can.  A car trip with A/C makes for a good escape. We headed to Amish country.  This has been perfect weather for making hay.
We spy our first buggy.  I can't imagine how hot they are.  It's in the upper 90's.                                                                  
A trusty steed.
Pulling a buggy and trailer.                
                         It always cracks me up seeing last years corn growing through this years crop rotation, soy beans.                    

 Cows and calves on an Amish farm.  Click for a closer look.

 Fall planting.

 Why can I totally imagine living here?!

 A stop to chat with Andy and pick up some fresh veggies.  I bought honey and god forbid, more maple syrup.  I couldn't pass it up, his prices were the lowest I've seen all year.

And it's tough to find fresher honey, the hives sit about 30 feet away.  What are you doing to stay cool?


Joy said…
All looks lovely Joyce! We only visited Amish country a few times while we lived on the East Coast.

Surprisingly, we've had some recent hot days in London, so basically I went to Starbucks, a grocery store, a department store, a shopping mall - basically anywhere that had AC so I could stay cool and explore a bit! ;)
Anonymous said…
I does look so nice but in those temperatures it must be awful out there! Heavy showers here made the temperature fall 20 degrees :-) but the heat will return pretty fast again I'm afraid.

I'm so lucky to have a beekeeper as neighbor and I always get some every time he's harvested his hives :-)

Have a great day despite the heat!

Guillaume said…
There's nothing wrong with more maple syrup. Great pictures, as usual.
Valerie said…
I love reading about your excursions--so different from my part of the country (PNW).
I was at the farmers market this morning and bought multi-coloured carrots. This afternoon I made pickled carrots using your Amish pickling recipe. Now I have to wait a whole 24 hours to taste them! I also bought peas in the shell and mmm, fresh saskatoons.
Amish country is so peaceful. A simple life and good food.