Waiting for the Storms

 We have storms on the way and I hope we get lots of rain because we are bone dry.  With endless days in the 90's, the watering does very little.

 This is a nice shady area to sit on hot afternoons.  That's one of my mirror chains hanging on the right.

 A copper spider on her web.

 Side garden.

 A peek into where I cook.

 Teddy just couldn't decide whether she wanted to go out in the heat and humidity this morning.

 She looked at the patio and thought about it for a long time.

She finally decided to do some guarding. I would hate to be the person that walks up to that fence.


I hope you get some rain soon!
Anonymous said…
I hope You get the rain You need! I just looked at the live lightning map and it's to the south and east of You right now but the rain can of course fall anyway without the thunder :-)

We've had a rather nice day here, finally it looks like we won't get any more rain here.

have a great day!


OMG! We are in great need of rain too. It's hot in the 90's with humidity at 80%. Some of us in the neighborhood say they've forgotten what rain is or what it looks like. I'm with them. Our gardens are all putting out tiny veggies. Many who have them are pulling them up and waiting for the weather to get cooler to start over again. That won't be until nearly October.
Cottage Tails said…
Teddy sure would deal to any visitors. She must feel the heat with her coat.
Guillaume said…
Gorgeous pictures, as usual. I love storms and I miss them. We haven't had a true summer storm yet, not one I was conscious of anyway.
Your side garden and kitchen must bring you great comfort. TEDDY stay in. Keep the humidity out.