Amish Barn Raising

 Click to enlarge these.  As we were driving down back roads in Amish country, we came upon a bunch of men and boys involved in a traditional barn raising.

 I wish we could have stopped to watch the whole thing.

 They will have the entire structure up by the end of the day.

The Amish never waste time.


Anonymous said…
I've seen an Amish barn raising on tv once and they were truly effective! Too bad that we all don't do it that way!

Have a great day!

The barn-raising is one of my favourite scenes in the movie "Witness." I love that movie.
1st Man said…
That is so awesome...thanks for sharing!
Susan said…
A perfect harmony of skill and cooperation. Oh, that it could be rampant.
It is amazing what a little elbow grease will do.