Getting Ready For Fall

 The empire biscuits are baked and packed up.  I am at 1411 cookies as of this morning.  I have about 100 more to bake. The cookies are all packed in airtight containers and kept in a cold room.  I never freeze cookies.  I think it alters their consistency.

 I am currently planting mums all over the gardens.  Maybe this will give Mother Nature the hint that it is time for it to cool off a bit.

 Teddy getting one of her daily drinks from the upper pond.

 Click to enlarge.  A new birdhouse.

 A play area under the Weeping Beech.

The re-built  gazebo.

Teddy laying on the cool stones by the fountain.
 And hanging out with her pumpkin pack on the front porch.


Anonymous said…
Your garden looks great as always! I have been thinking of buying some mums but they will give up way too early because I tend to forget watering them :-)

Nice birdhouse!

Have a great day!

Everything looks very elegant!
Laura said…
It looks beautiful! I can't imagine baking so much! How at you not exhausted?!? Hears to hoping mother nature hears your call and sends autumn weather soon.

ps...hugs to Teddy!
Guillaume said…
It does not feel like autumn much but trees have started changing colours already and some leaves have fallen. For me tomorrow is the beginning of the season.
Teddy you look comfy cozy on that front porch with those pumpkins. Glad to hear the cookie project is wrapping up. How in the world do you have time to plant the mums. They say AUTUMN is almost here, no doubt about it.
chickpea678 said…
You have time and/or energy to plant as well as bake?!

Looks like the rustoleum worked well on your metal furniture!
Mary Ann said…
The porch looks wonderful, it ALL looks wonderful!