Getting Ready for the Wedding

 The clock is ticking as we wind down to the wedding.  So little time and still so much to do. I try to check as much off my list each day as possible.  I had some much needed work done in my gardens last week.  The first thing that was tackled was resetting these stone steps.  They were terribly crooked from settling and they had to rip them all out and reinstall them. They also built a new railing out of downed timbers.  Teddy and I are very happy to have level steps once more. They did a wonderful job, you can hardly tell that anything was touched.

 They rearranged some pond stones as well.

 I had the old grass/weeds pulled out and had them lay sod.  After 16 years the city grass was all weeds.

 I'll get a better pic of this later but they rebuilt my gazebo too.  Most of my garden structures had been built from black locust timbers and though they are very sturdy, after 16 years, mother earth was reclaiming them.

 I had sod put down around my gurgling millstone too.  What a difference.  This area was entirely covered in dandelions before.

It was perfectly timed because we have had rain almost every day since they finished it. The yard is looking lush right now.  Bring on the guests!


Anonymous said…
Crooked stone steps might look charming but is a pain to walk on :-) Everything looks beautiful!
Great that the rain finally came and at just the right moment!

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
Nice. Such a gorgeous venue. By the way there's always so little time and so much to do when preparing for a wedding. It always turn out right in the end.
OMG, they all did such a beautiful job on your garden! I'm getting excited about the wedding too and I'm just a reader, lol! Looking forward to seeing photos and stories!
StrictlyMystic said…
I can't imagine a more beautiful forest garden than yours. Lucky guests!
What a beautiful garden area to have a wedding! It sure will be a picture-perfect event.
Perfect setting for a wedding. Nature at it's best. LUSH and GREEN and INVITING.
The JR said…
It looks spectacular! I know you are proud of the way it looks.
Susan said…
This may be the next big thing since Princess Di's wedding - and a whole lot classier! LOVE the garden steps! It's going to be gorgeous!
I love the rustic naturalness of your yard! Rather, estate! :) It's just beautiful and so comfortable looking. I enlarged every picture and they did a great job!! Looks just wonderful!
chickpea678 said…
I am really in awe of your project management skills. You must have found a very good team of people to help (when you're not doing it yourself!)