Snowballs in August

 I enlisted the help of The Blog Tech to cut up yesterday's cookies.  He did a great job.  He is going to make someone a great husband!

Yesterday I made snowballs or as some call them, Mexican wedding cookies. I will post recipes sometime in the future, remind me, but I am too busy right now.

I made 500 cookies yesterday.  The total so far.....1200 +,  but who's counting?


Anonymous said…
I think I would have started to hate cookies by now if I had to bake that many :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Mary said…
I am wondering if all the cookies made to it in the containers? Perhaps some were badly cut and had to be eaten right away. Some should be tested, right?
Gemmagirl said…
As always another impressive bakeathon.

Yeah, those also go by Snow Balls in the winter. I add almond extract to mine. David hates almonds but he doesn't mind the extract. I also make candied pecans and put them in the middle and call them Rocks in Snow Balls. They taste yummy. Pretty soon it will be cookie prepping time for me. My freezer will be full of cookie dough in time for the holidays.
The Blog Tech looks like a happy, happy man.
There will be many happy wedding guests enjoying those cookies.
littlemancat said…
One of my favorites! We call them Mexican Wedding cookies, love 'em!
Your energy level and accomplishments just amaze me!
Mexican wedding Cakes were my specialty. My favorite cookies. I make them with a couple of different twists. Yours look divine. The Blog Tech looks like he did GREAT. Good husbands are hard to come by. His fiance is lucky indeed.
linda said…
Your son is one in a million.. She will be a very lucky girl.. Not to mention he is so darn handsome and a great cook.. Always worrying about the kids at the school and the guys at the mission.. He has a heart as big as his moms... As for the cookies they look fantastic..
Dang, but he is cute, Joyce!!
The JR said…
good husbands get trained by good Mom's!
chickpea678 said…
I agree that the blogtech looks like one *happy* man :)! And that his heart is as big as his mom's!
Nancy said…
My goodness! The "Blog Tech" looks like Johnny Depp!