Wedding Prep

 My house looks like a wedding bomb went off in it.  Everywhere you looks there is a wedding related project going on.  These are gift boxes I am preparing.

 The wedding is actually a wedding weekend with 4 days of activities.  There are a number of flower girls and ring bearers but the ones from my side of the family are staying at my guest house with their parents so I have been getting the place ready for them.  I think the perfect way to end busy days for kids is to give them marshmallows to roast over an open fire.

So, in between big projects, I made a batch of 'good night' marshmallows for the little wedding participants.


SHERRY said…
This is going to be an amazing wedding. I hope you take plenty of pictures to share with us. Especially of the happy couples, they are so cute together.
Lucky little kids! Homemade marshmallows over an open fire!
Gemmagirl said…
I can only imagine what this wedding will be like. You are so creative and giving. I don't know how you do it. All the best as you continue the preparations.
Guillaume said…
Lucky little wedding participants.
Sounds busy. Sounds sweet. Will be here and then over before you know it. ENJOY every moment you can.
TARYTERRE is right! It comes and goes so swiftly and the work is horrific, BUT, it's a wonderful thing and I remember it well. I didn't do half what you are's a wonderful time though..'s to you "Superwoman!" :) Enjoy! It's going to be a gorgeous wedding and reception!
chickpea678 said…
You are truly a wonder. And so thoughtful.