A Fair in the Woods

 We went to one of our favorite fairs last weekend.  Wow...this week shot by fast.  I'm just getting around to posting this now.

 You can pick your table top.

 The bride got to feed an alpaca.  I always think you can tell what kind of parent someone will be by how they take care of their animals and this bride and groom love animals!

The alpaca asks for more food.
 The Blog Tech gives him some.

 The alpacas were sad to see the bride and groom leave.

 The tents are tucked under the tall pines.

Antiques and crafts.
 I bought fresh eggs from these chickens

 Antique tools from sale.

 A smattering of Halloween.

You can take a ride out into the corn fields.  We are off early tomorrow for another festival so I will post pics when I return.


ssm said…
Could you please give more details on these county fairs and festivals? (name, location?) I'd really like to check some of them out as well. If not in time for this season, then perhaps next year. Those wood table tops and broomsticks are gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
I do like that wooden wheelbarrow! The old ones last so much longer that the new ones in metal. Mine was in such a bad shape I planted flowers in it this year :-)

Those table tops look great too!

Have a great day!

This looks like a fun place. I would also like to know where it was.
Guillaume said…
Oh I'd love to go a fair in the woods!
greekwitch said…
You got to feed the alpacas? How nice!! They have such cute smooshy faces!
Kay said…
This is so much fun! I love those table tops!