And The Wedding Continues

Have you ever attended a wedding where a bloodhound was one of the bridesmaids? I have!  Daisy is the mother of the bride's dog.  She was paid in mini hamburgers later.  Teddy, on the other hand, was not invited.  We really didn't want to have attendees with missing appendages.
 Here comes the bride.

 The culmination of 10 months of planning, hard work and excitement.

 Don't cry bride, because if you do, I will too.

 I promise to get a better photo of this or hopefully a video.  The Bride's mom is an opera singer and she sang the most beautiful songs throughout the ceremony.  It was awesome.  I still get goosebumps just thinking about it. The violinist was superb as was the string quartet.

 The Mayor stopped the brides tears with a joke.

 The ring exchange.  It went well until The Blog Tech tried to put the ring on the wrong finger on the wrong hand.  You  can only teach these kids so much.

 After the ring exchange, they planted a tree with dirt from my garden and from the Bride's mom's garden and it will now be planted in theirs.

 The flower girl took her rolls very seriously.  She was ready for the exit procession.

 And just as we walked down the hall to exit the ceremony a crowd formed.  Why?  Because everyone had to pet the sloth.

Have you ever attended a wedding with a sloth? I have!  Lots to come if you still want to see more?


Sol said…
It all looks amazing. What a stunning day
babs said…
Loving these pictures. Keep them coming please!.
SHERRY said…
Yes please more pictures. What a beautiful wedding.
A lifetime of happiness to the bride and groom.
linda said…
More!! I still can't believe this! The picture yesterday of them by the cake was adorable to say the least! Your son and that smile in that picture!, hey I am 66 yrs old but can still look. Hahah. Don't worry bride you are as gorgeous as him and the brides mother looks like her sister!! Wow. Okay more!
Anonymous said…
I must admit that I've never attended a wedding with either a dog or a sloth :-)
This wedding was really something special!

Have a great day!

chickpea678 said…
The flower girl took her role VERY seriously LOL!
Gemmagirl said…
I can't get enough of these pictures. What I found really touching was the tree planting with the commingling of the soils. You just keep amazing.
Absolutely want to see more!!!
Guillaume said…
With a sloth? That is most unusual. Great pictures and I see you make extravagant wedding celebrations in the US. Ours was not nearly as big but it was in a 13th century church.
CalamityJr said…
Oh, yes please, MANY more photos! I love everything - the oh so happy bride and groom, the animals, the tree - and please do find a way to share the music! (Not demanding at all, am I :) )
greekwitch said…
I love this wedding I feel like I was in it!! All so wonderful and happy!!
Ian's Girl said…
Oh yes ma'am....I want to see it all, and then I will probably want to see it all again!
The tree planting ceremony is so rich in symbolism! Bravo to whoever devised that. And oh yes, bring on more pictures and videos if you can get them! I enjoy seeing all the fab details of this wonderful wedding. You are to be congratulated on making it such a success!
Mystica said…
Yes please. Such a beautiful wedding.