Apple Mabon Cake

It's that time of year again.  Time to make mabon cakes.     I always say this is not the most attractive cake but the flavors will blow you away.                                                                                                                
You can find the recipe here:      Take the time to dice the apple into small cubes.

I made two so I could give one to some friends.

This topping tastes like a rich caramel.
I made one with a parchment liner and one without.  It's better without the parchment.     Make sure to pierce the cake all over with a skewer to allow the caramel to soak in.        

Store these in the fridge but serve the cake at room temp.

Happy Mabon!  I wish someone would tell our weather that it's supposed to be Fall.  Six months of constant temps in the 80's and 90's has made me weary. I need cool weather!


Mabon blessings to all at your house!
greekwitch said…
Blessed Mabon to you and yours!!!
Guillaume said…
I had to look on Google to know what Mabon was... And then I googled Mabon cake and the first entry I found was one of your blog posts! Silly me, I had also commented on it. I find the idea of a cake celebrating the return of autumn a great idea. I would love to bake one, especially since this one is so fitting, apples being the fruit of autumn.
ANOTHER recipe for my looseleaf!!
Do not feel bad..our temps shot up to 102 this past, muggy and miserable out there. No napping on the porch! I got a text from step daughter in law that Trader Joe's had pumpkins..and everyone is overjoyed..even me. I didn't think you anyone having a drought but us..but..they did.
The Blog Tech looks SO happy!!! :) I love it!!
Anonymous said…
I do like this cake! A friend of mind make them every now and again :-) I've never done them myself though. It is warmer than normal here too but compared to Your temperatures it's cold :-) I do hope it cools down where You live too!

Have a great day!

Nellie said…
The cake sounds - and looks delicious! Certain that it would be difficult to stop at only one taste! Our high temp today was 91 degrees, making almost 70 days of 90 degree+ temps this summer!
sandra said…
Happy Mabon :}! I Believe you will get your weather wish starting tomorrow.I am also soooo ready for crisp fall weather! Cake looks incredible!