The chocolate chip cookie dough is made and refrigerated.  It must rest for 3 days before baking.

 I'm running out of places to stack cookies.

 They are piled everywhere.

The gift boxes are finally finished.  It's so good to check things off the list!


Cottage Tails said…
do you get a day or two to rest before the wedding?
Anonymous said…
I don't think I've ever seen that many cookies :-)
I do hope You'll be able to have a day off before the wedding!

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
I am hungry again, reading you and watching these pictures.
My gawd, cookies . . . EVERYWHERE! Every kid's dream.
Anonymous said…
Your guests will go home very happy.
Gemmagirl said…
Lovely gift boxes. You are amazing.
Goodness STACKS of cookies everywhere. In our house BAD kitties would not ignore them. They'd be knocked over. TEDDY is sure to protect them, I'm sure. Those gift boxes are wonderful indeed.
Susan said…
I bet you are dreaming about cookies~! What an affair this will be - can't wait to see what pix you can share!!!
I agree that those gift boxes of cookies are such a nice tough! I also can't wait to see the pictures of the wedding..wish there was a whole video..just hinting..:)
chickpea678 said…
Yum! Those chocolate chip cookies!!!