Counry Living Fair part 3

 You can do some vicarious shopping on this post.

 The Country Living Fair is a mishmosh of antiques, new unique items, crafts, art and re-purposed things.

 I am always drawn in by the re-purposed items.

 Bee everything.

 Some booths have a definite cowboy flair.

Small alleys are created all over the grounds and filled with booths.

 I thought this was so cute.  Someone made an Airstream camper cooler.

This market cart was made from an old bed spring.  Did you see anything you would like to buy?


I'd go wild at the "bee everything" booth!
Anonymous said…
Yes I did see a few things I would like, like that airstream camper cooler :-) and those buckets and screens with the cut out halloween faces! Thay would look so cool with a burning candle in them!

Have a great day!

Susan said…
I'm still thinking about that recycled chandelier. What a sensory overload!
Guillaume said…
Oh I love a good fayr. I have not been to the local one last Saturday because I am a new dad.
chickpea678 said…
I love real airstream campers so I was a sucker for the cooler :)!
Are you kidding?! LOL The BLACK KETTLE WITH THE PUMPKIN FACE! I probably would have bought that to sit on my stove during October.
I cannot believe you passed it up! I can see it sitting on a back burner in your kitchen! Or anywhere at all! Adorable!

I can't believe no one else mentioned it!