I Am Thoroughly Enjoying Autumn

 I am in my element! The cool crisp mornings are perfect and I welcome the darkness with open arms.

 Friends are receiving gifts of freshly baked pumpkin bread with apple butter and maple cream.

 Some new Welsh witches have moved in.

What a pair these two are.
 I made caramel sauce to go with apple pies I'll be making for friends later in the week.

 A pumpkin canister I bought at the country living fair.

What's not to love about Fall?  I am going to enjoy every minute of it!


Agnieszka said…
I feel the same way about Autumn even though it's the stormy season here in Scotland... But I love the changing colours, falling leaves, pumpkins and all. It's also the mushroom foraging season, which is something I look forward to every year. I adore your photos, especially the two witches - love them!
Anonymous said…
I would have like autumn even more if we didn't have those nasty moose flies.

I do like those two Welsh witches :-)

Strong winds and perhaps rain is on the way to us now, not an autumn storm but close enough :-)

Have a great day!


Gemmagirl said…
I love your fall decorations and your baking is certainly under way. Wishing you lots of autumn joys with family and friends. And as always, thank you for sharing a special part of your life.
I love those new Welsh witches and their cats! Yes, SAVOUR every second of autumn while it lasts!
Guillaume said…
I'm enjoying autumn too. It's finally looking and feeling like autumn.Love the witches!
sandra said…
I'm with you. Lets ENJOY! Witches are hysterical. Love them.
Unknown said…
Love love love fall your pumpkin bread looks delicious along with the apple butter!
Susan said…
Yes, Autumn could last for months, if I had any control over the seasons! LOVE the new witches!
linda said…
Love Autumn too. I been baking away but not half as much as you do!
Did you say caramel sauce and apple pie? Gosh I wish there was a house in your neighborhood for sale. They are the luckiest neighbors. Love the decorations too. Do you have a huge Halloween party? My friends got married on Halloween night in the woods with pumpkins lighting the way. Who doesn't love Halloween!
chickpea678 said…
Your friends are going to have satisfied bellies! I'm a summer gal but we have had a few of those beautiful crisp fall days that everyone loves. Love those two witches, the one on the right has an especially great expression on her face!
Laura said…
Welsh witches! Yay! I love Autumn too. It's been wonderful during the middle of the night and early morning, but still getting so hot in the afternoons down here. I'm hoping the weather will break soon.

ps...hugs to Teddy!