More Country Living Fair

 This is the end of the fair pics for this year.  I saw a few things I regret not buying so I'm pretty sure we will go back next year.

 Oyster buckets and a chair made from a galvanized tub.

 I think Christer would have spent lots of time in this booth!

 I loved this little church.

This booth sold things made from old barn wood.  I want that table!  It was gorgeous.                                                               
Gourd garlands.
This booth was a bit creepy.  Click to enlarge.
I managed to not buy a broom this year.  I might have enough brooms for the rest of my life.
Check out the face in the mirror.
 As we were leaving, these people were just arriving.


I'm glad you're getting your broom addiction under control.
Anonymous said…
Yes I would have moved in there :-) So many nice cameras!
But I must admit that I do like that Dracula lunch box? :-) :-)

I do enjoy these Fair photos!

Have a great day!

Susan said…
I believe I'd have to bring a truck! There IS something inordinately creepy about disembodied doll heads. What an amazing fair!
Laura said…
What a place! I used to want to go to the Country Living Fair but I don't think i could take all the people. My anxiety would go berserk. I did like that creepy booth though. :-)

ps...hugs to Teddy!
Guillaume said…
Oh I so envy you! So far I have seen no Halloween display here.
Joyce, you are right! That table was gorgeous from what I could see of it. My daughter owns one similar and it weighs a ton! Even the chairs weigh so much it is not easy to pull them out to sit down and her floors were stone.
The creepy booth. Well..dolls heads only have always been "creepy" to me even as a child. About that should have bought it. :)