More Wedding

 The brides gorgeous mother helping her with the dress.

The wedding arch was made with mostly real flowers with some artificial ones stuck in.  Up close, there were small bejeweled frames holding baby pics of the bride and groom.  There were peonies (the brides favorite) which were refrigerated in the bud stage for 6 months and forced to bloom for the wedding. Click for a closer look.
 Bride, groom and family (flower girl and ring bearer).

 Needless to say the ring bearer had a blast all day.  Here he is jumping for joy leaving the photo shoot.

 Her dress was gorgeous.

 This is a hint of what is yet to come.  We had the Columbus Zoo transport animals for the reception.  They will take them anywhere in the country. This is a baby kangaroo named Joe which The Blog Tech is holding.  The flower girl is holding the kangaroos paw.

 The Bride had this cake topper custom made in Russia by an artist who used photos of the bride and groom to make it look as much like them as possible.

 This is the wedding cake.  That huge illuminated ball is just one of many that hung from the ceiling. It's out of proportion in this pic but they are probably 25 feet or more in circumference.

 Two very happy people.

 Oh, we had flamingos too.  This one sort of just walked around and hung out.  More to come!


Joyce....everything is breathtakingly beautiful!! What an amazing wedding. I just cannot wait for more photos!!!
Gemmagirl said…
I keep saying wow to myself. I just keep looking at these pictures over and over again. One thing that comes through loud and clear is the joyful nests of this day. Thank you for sharing.
You gave a hint about the animals earlier this year so I was looking forward to see them :-) baby joeys are just adorable!

Amazing how they managed to keep those peony buds for so long! and they did a great job on that arch!

Have a great day!

Kev Alviti said…
Love it. My girls would have gone mad for the flamingo, they love them!
Marsha said…
What a joyous occasion - love the pictures!
Guillaume said…
Great pics, I love the cake topping.
greekwitch said…
I believe this is the most beautiful wedding of all times!!
chickpea678 said…
That last pic of the bride is to die for!!!
Cottage Tails said…
aww loving the photos. A stunning wedding and everyone looks so happy.
Ian's Girl said…


Freaking AMAZING.

Plus, that last pic of your DIL needs to be submitted to a contest of some sort; absolutely stunning, enchanting, out-of-this-world beautiful.
StrictlyMystic said…
Love all of these pictures, can so appreciate all the hard work that went into this beautiful wedding. Agree with everyone - that last photo is outstanding!
Beautiful bride! Beautiful wedding arch! Beautiful cake topper!
linda said…
Amazing!! Wedding of the century! I have never seen anything like this! The bride is gorgeous and your son should be a model. He is,so handsome in each and every picture!! You have to send these pictures into some bridal magazines. The animals. Well what can I Say! Wow oh wow.

Where is your beautiful face with your son.
love the cake topper. Perfectly adorable
1st Man said…
I have no words, it's absolutely and completely magical....
Kay said…
OH MY GOSH! This is absolutely amazing! I love weddings and this beats them all. Wow!
Valerie said…
Breathtaking and magickal!
Alice said…
Thank you! Everyone is so happy and beautiful at the wedding. And animals! what a touch!Just lovely.
The animals are a wonderful idea. When Anna, my stepdaughter was married there were beautiful peacocks strutting around the grounds where we had the wedding and the reception.
This looks like a fairytale wedding for sure. The bride is absolutely beautiful.
Wonderful photos and ones to look back on in years to come. happy faces all round. Keep well Diane