Something I Will Never Forget

It must be Fall, my Fall flowering clematis is blooming.    Though the opulence of the wedding is behind us, I will forever have some really good memories of it.  I loved the wedding speeches because they show each persons perspective on the people getting married.  The Blog Tech's best friend gave a wonderful speech and said something about my son that I will never forget.  He talked about how The Blog Tech influenced his life and he ended his speech by saying....The thing about The Blog Tech never just walk down a hallway with him.  You walk down a hallway that has a sloth.  A perfect description of my boy!
 A couple days after the wedding, just before lots of the guests left to go home, I held an impromptu dinner for everyone.  I made lots of stuffed peppers and served them over cacio e pepi.

 Then I made a big pot of bolognese.

 And made a giant lasagna.  Of course, I forgot to take final pics of it all.  Oh, and guess what we had for dessert?  Leftover wedding cookies!


It's all perfect timing for you. Now that the wedding prep is over, you can just enjoy the coming Autumn....your favorite time of year!!! I look forward to your decorating for Halloween. So glad the wedding was a spectacular success!! I did happen to notice, though that there were no photos of you amongst the rest of the pics!! Anyways, take this opportunity to slow down a little and do some things for yourself. I can remember feeling a big loss after our farm wedding last my sense of purpose had disappeared. I actually felt a little sad for quite a while. So.......have some fun doing the stuff that you enjoy!! You deserve it after working so hard for so long!!!
Anonymous said…
I liked what the Blog techs friend said!

Scandinavian hot (77F) and high humidity with no wind made it rather nasty here today but the morning was quite ok. They say it'll be the same the coming days and I'm not sure I like that :-)

Have a great day!

Wedding cookies, yay yay yay!
Gemmagirl said…
Your fall garden looks lovey. I've never heard of fall clematis. I wonder if Canada is too cold for them? However, Like Christer, we've been having some very hot muggy days. The meal you served looks scrumptious. Your guests are so luck. Your my favourite go to blog everyday. I learn a lot from you.
Guillaume said…
Bolognese. Yummy bolognese.
Mystica said…
Can you post a close up of the clematis please. I haven't seen what a clematis looks like.
linda said…
Your wedding was something people will talk about for years. It was just totally amazing in so many ways. Now we can enjoy pictures of your beautiful house and all your recipes again. I know I check in each and every evening. I am afraid I will miss a cookie recipe! Lol.
Jim said…
Great memories and wonderful food for all.
Susan said…
It is so special when a wedding can provide everyone with wonderful, long-lasting memories. So often they are fraught. The Blog Tech's and his lovely bride's was a winner. We are now looking forward to your amazingly wonderful approach to fall and....H Day!
OMG! Whenever you post something you are making for dinner, I get to wishing I could taste it right that minute. Everything you post looks so darned delicious.
As for the cookies, if you still have lots of leftovers, You could take them to the nearby school and give them to the kids. I'm sure they would love to have them.
Angie Ballard said…
I've enjoyed your posts about the wedding SO much! Thank you for sharing. It was all rather bittersweet for me, though, because I know this was an event Beverly wouldn't have missed for the world! She'd have been there a week early to help bake, and she'd have had a blast with all those animals - how clever! I'm sure she was there in spirit. If you heard a smoky cackle of laughter during the festivities that was her! Oh, and if you don't have a furminator brush for Teddy you should try it. I was amazed at the difference!!