The Fall Garden

 A new stained glass window panel.

 Fall signs are out.

 My herbs are thriving everywhere.  It's amazing how much most herbs like Fall, even my basil.

 Candy corn vine.

Brown Eyed Susan vine.
 It took all summer to get this Morning Glory to grow over my birdcage but it's finally ready to bloom.

A hazy look at the Fall Flowering Clematis growing on the pergola.
It's almost done flowering
 Oakleaf Hydrangeas are completely brown and dry now.

 My okra is thriving in the Fall garden.

As is this Chow Chow.  She needs a bit of brushing but she sure loves the cool weather.


LOVE your new stained glass! And the yard and garden looks great. Hello Teddy!
Gemmagirl said…
That's great that your garden is still thriving. My basil is not so great. A beautiful stain glass window.
Anonymous said…
Your garden is beautiful as always but Teddy is the most beautiful of it all!

I think even I could have grown herbs in the garden this year because of how warm it has been, still much cooler than what Youy have had :-)

Have a great day!


Ian's Girl said…
LOVE the new window!

Have NOT had my fill of wedding photos....
Incipient Wings said…
that window is awesome!
as is the morning glory growing over the cage:)
greekwitch said…
I love the stained glass! And your garden! I wish I could read a book there with a plate of your cookies and a glass of milk!
chickpea678 said…
Your garden is just so lovely. And so is that new stained glass ❤️.
Susan said…
My favorite word, "Fall"! That stained glass window panel is wonderful! Teddy doesn't look worse for wear after all the hoopla in her house. :)
Kay said…
So beautiful! I do love fall.
Guillaume said…
Lovely pictures. I am so ready for autumn.