The Reception

 The bride and groom arrive at the reception.

 The dance floor lights made photography horrible.

 The first dance begins.

 The Blog Tech sings to his bride.

 I just love this dress.

 The back piece is covered in pearls. It was ethereal.

 My husband welcomed the bride to our family and told some stories about The Blog Tech.  I spoke too and at the end I said that the only thing keeping me from being overly emotional was the fact that they live 20 feet away from me and have promised me babies.

 Two of the bridesmaids spoke and the bride's cousin said that the bride had been looking for The Blog Tech since she was 17 years old.

 The Blog Tech told his new wife that she looks at the world with pigeon eyes.  Pigeons see the whole spectrum of colors.

 Then it was time to cut the cake.

 Not as easy as it seems.

 The Blog Tech lost some.

 I lined the family up to get a pic.

 The dancing began and people sure did dance.

 I expected the kids to drop but they were still dancing when the last guest left.  These are some serious party kids.

 Some guests really kicked up a storm!

And The Blog Tech even took some time to DJ.


Guillaume said…
I remember our first dance, I was tripping over Veggie Carrie's dress all the time. Lovely venue.
babs said…
Gorgeous beyond words!
Anonymous said…
It's always fun to go to weddings :-)

Have a great day!

carol pavlik said…
Thank you so much for sharing this event with us. I feel like I was there!
Velva said…
Congratulations!!! You have a new daughter. What a beautiful wedding. The dress was really pretty.

1st Man said…
Such a wonderful family event, thank you so much for sharing it all with us. It was just beautiful and magical! As we hope their lives together are, everyone needs beauty and a little magic!
Gemmagirl said…
What a beautiful, memorable event. Thank you for letting us view the beauty of the day. I love the brides dress.
linda said…
How special you are to share this with us. I also feel like I was,part of it watching you day by day. What a beautiful family you have.
Mystica said…
Its a beautiful wedding. Love that you share so much with all of us.
Wow, what a party! There is no dancing more joyful than dancing at a wedding, is there -- all that love, promise and hope for the future just permeates the air everyone breathes!
Megs said…
I love your blog- and you don't have to post this comment. I don't comment much on anyone's blogs, but really have gotten so much help in cooking great meals, and gotten great ideas from you. You once left a very kind remark on my old blog, also. Thanks for posting these- and is that you in the family line-up?