The Rehearsal

 We had the rehearsal but not yet the wedding.  My family attended.  There are 8 of us and 150 of the bride's.

 Ready to leave from their house for the rehearsal.  OMG these two are so in love.

 The Blog Tech's dad at the rehearsal.

 The Blog Tech entertaining his guests at the rehearsal dinner.

One of the attendees was a mime and, goaded on by me, gave an impromptu and amazing show that brought everyone to tears.
 And it thoroughly entertained the kids. They were enthralled.

We held the rehearsal dinner at an historic train station.  My late father and grandfather both worked for the railroad so it was appropriate.  And thus the wedding saga began.


Looks like You had lots of fun :-)

I like the idea to have the dinner at an historic train station, I've always loved rains :-)

Have a great day!

Jessica said…
It looks like a great time was had for the rehearsal. I hope you will join in the photos too!
Ian's Girl said…
Getting teary-eyes here; may all involved be blessed!
Guillaume said…
That's a rehearsal? I don't think our wedding was that big.
How wonderful to work some family history into the rehearsal dinner. An exciting weekend for sure!
Debby said…
Such a fun party. Rehearsal dinners aren't like the used to be. They are almost as big as the wedding. They are lots of fun too. If you don't know the other side of the family this is a good way to get to know each.
They look adorable and so in love.
Have fun.
looks like a wonderful celebration.
in the perfect setting.
Marsha said…
So delightful - we are in the middle of just such an extravaganza (daughter marrying later this month), and it's fun to see all the fun and festivity and love!
Nellie said…
What a marvelous celebration!!
Valerie said…
Wishing the lovely couple many, many years of happiness!
chickpea678 said…
The mime piece was truly touching ❤️. And I didn't even connect the railroad connection--how appropriate!
Kay said…
I'm just getting caught up. This is so much fun! What a great time you all had!