What Kept Me Busy for Six Months

 Mutual affection.  Look at the bliss on both of their faces.

 Penguins lined up to attend the wedding. It was like Noah's Ark.

 A baby leopard.  Do you think the flower girl has animals in her future?   She just LOVED all of them.  So did I.

 A bearcat.  This beast loved me.  It ate my bouquet.

 Oh yeah...the cookie table.  At a certain point in the evening, waiters came out with silver trays filled with glasses of milk, the cookie table was open.

 Guests descended on it.

 Guess what?  I made too many.  This is what happens to children that were raised by depression era fathers.  I live in fear of not having enough food. There are some things on this table that took me months to make but that is another post for later.  Can you spot them?

 But lots were eaten and bags were taken home.  I made a dozen for each guest.  One of the guests took 3 dozen home.

And here is what I spent 6 months making.  Click for a closer look. Twenty-two feet of ugly cafeteria needed to be covered with ribbon curtains to match the wedding colors.  Though they might not look like much, they were an endless giant project.  I must have revised them 5 times. It was a true love/ hate project.


StrictlyMystic said…
The cookie table arrangement is lovely. I can't enlarge enough to read the framed "Cookie Table" words without blurring it...?? I'm so curious!
greekwitch said…
Oh my Goddess! Those were some lucky guests!! And thosecurtains are adorable!
Gemmagirl said…
The cookie table is lovely. Your hard work and perseverance have really paid off.
Ian's Girl said…
Speechless. Your curtain is STUNNING.

You should copyright/trademark/patent it, because in addition to be gorgeous, it's also genius.

This glorious wedding made me want to get married again...same fella, but with a petting zoo at the reception!

The ribbon curtain wall and the cookie table are magnificent! And having those zoo animals at the wedding -- a stroke of genius. I'm sure people will be talking about that for a long time!
babs said…
The cookie table is fabulous. So many words to describe it. Classy, elegant, lovely, beyond words. You take the prize . Exquisite!
CalamityJr said…
This is the most amazing wedding I've ever "attended"! Thank you for sharing with us. We wouldn't mind more photos, if you're so inclined!
Linda said…
It is absolutely amazing the number of cookies you made❣The last time I saw that many cookies on one table was at a Czech wedding reception back in the early 1980's in Pennsylvania. Glad everyone enjoyed the wedding and your cookies❤️Linda@Wetcreek Blog
Susan said…
At some point, do you collapse onto your bed and sleep for forty days and forty nights? Is there some amazing potion you want to share for being able to do the work of six people? It is all so beautiful - including the couple in the center of it all.
Guillaume said…
No wonder you were busy! I love the baby leopard. What an original wedding!
linda said…
The cookie table was gorgeous as was that curtain! Wow! I have never seen anything like this in my life!!
What I love is that it was so DIFFERENT! So unique! I love, love, love everything I've seen!!