A Perfect Autumn Day

 We took off to go to another festival yesterday on a perfect Autumn day.

 I wish Fall would last all year long.

 We went to an apple butter festival.

 It was cool and gloomy...my favorite weather.

 This guy sells jailhouse art.  He makes luminaries out of tin cans.

 It was held in a quaint Victorian village.

 We see all sorts of things on these trips.

 The hay had just been harvested.

 Rural America speaks.

 Republican cows.

What can I say?  We were in the part of our country that pronounces fire wood this way.  These trips are never boring.


Guillaume said…
A couple of scary pictures you took: all those trump supporters. We are having perfect autumn days here too.
Republican cows, LOL! They probably give sour milk.
Laura said…
I took a drive from NC to Maryland recently and was surprised at all the Trump signs I saw. Never saw one sign for HC. (That is the extent of my political talk.) :-) I don't know if I could take autumn all year long. Maybe most of the year, but I need snow and flowers so...
Anonymous said…
beautiful country and those signs lol,, that one with the fire wood nearly made me fall off my chair!
Anonymous said…
You can have autumn all year long if I can have spring :-)

I did wonder what far wood is :-)

I do wonder why they are so blind about all lies Trump says?

Have a great day!

CalamityJr said…
Such an interesting trip. I had to share with my husband so he could enjoy a laugh, too.
Anonymous said…
Oh, dear, you certainly live in an interesting part of the country. I guess interesting is the correct word.

Your weather looks anything but perfect for autumn to me. Looks more like our winter days here with foggy drizzle. Our perfect autumn days are golden and warm with the sun skimming the horizon. The smell of the wineries permeate the air, too.
Well..you know me pretty well by now and certainly know how I feel about such signs. We (the family) all went to the October Fest in Oak Glen not far from us. Not a single sign..the people were all so mellow and sweet to each other and it was crowded beyond belief. Thousands were there.
Then on the way home we passed a street corner all decked out in red, white and blue..with words about Hillary Clinton, and older women out shouting at cars driving by... I won't write on here what the sign said.
My heart sank..I am 80 and I've seen a lot of elections and never, ever anything like this. Wasn't there something written by someone many years ago, a prediction about a person who comes
along...Nostradamus wasn't it? Anyway, it's frightening.
Rue said…
An apple butter festival sounds so perfect! Also, fabulous spot for an ATM - lol - just in case...