A Rainy Festival

 Last weekend, we headed towards Maryland to go to a folk festival.  The closer we got, the more it rained.  By the time we arrived, it was pouring.  That booth on the left was selling Thanksgiving in a cup.  They put a scoop of mashed potatoes in the bottom of a cup and layered turkey and stuffing and ladled gravy over the top.  We split one and it was very good.  Click any of the pics to enlarge them.

 This was the sauerkraut booth.  Most of the festivals we attend sell fresh sauerkraut.


 Fortunately, a lot of the booths were indoors.

This man was selling wonderful pottery.  I didn't buy any but I sure was tempted.
 And this sweet woman was making intricate paper folded ornaments.  I bought some for The Blog Tech and his wife to decorate their first Xmas tree.

 Beeswax candle making.

 Wreaths and garlands.

 Dulcimers.  I have several and I still can hardly play them.

 Wonderful Shaker boxes.
 They had a small farmer's market and were selling locally grown produce.

 For 1.00, you could buy a slice of freshly baked bread spread with Amish butter.  My kitchen sort of looks similar to this today.  I am baking bread for the kids and taking it to them with apple butter.

And yes, we got soaked through to the skin.  It can't always be sunny.


laurie said…
even though it rained it looks like a great Fair,, I don't mind the rain,, I love a cloudy day,, lol,,couldn't resist lol,,
I have never seen a shaker box , only in photos,,they are lovely,
I did not know you are musical! Dulcimers! Oh my.
Fun! You always find the best festivals!!
Guillaume said…
Rainy or not this is my kind of place/event.
Agnieszka said…
Oh wow, I love folk festivals.. That Thanksgiving in a cup made me drool!
Thanksgiving in a cup! What a cute way to serve a treat for shoppers. I love it. Wish we had fairs like that here..but if thee are any at all I have not seen them. There are events...just nothing as rustic and in such wonderful settings... *sigh*
Like Laurie, I also love cloudy days..I am choking on sunshine here..however a bit of rain came to us yesterday morning..started in the early hours and gave everything a nice soaking..soft but steady.
I need to write you a letter. Lots to share. :) Some good..thankfully.