An Apple Festival

 We went to an apple festival early this morning.  We heard that they sell unpasteurized apple cider made with a press from 1907.  It is so hard to find unpasteurized cider these days and quite honestly, pasteurized cider tastes like apple juice.  We spend a great deal of time each Fall searching for the unpasteurized stuff.  One of the fun things about all of these festival is trying the food.  The Blog Tech tried the fried pickles.

 We also tried the Polish plate.  Unfortunately, they were awful so we had to throw them out.

 The Blog Tech found his favorite apples though, honeycrisps.

 And we got our cider.

 We got to watch them make it too.

 The Blog Tech was very happy but also very hot by the time we hiked back to the car..

 Then we found a farm market selling pumpkins.....score!

 The Blog Tech picked out his favorite ones.

 Pumpkin picking is hard work.

 Good boy!


CalamityJr said…
You find the best festivals and markets, and have such great company on your outings. My only surprise was only seeing one gallon of cider!
Guillaume said…
Oh that's my kind of festival! And I need to buy pumpkins.
Anonymous said…
No apple festival near here but we have a huge one down in southern Sweden. They make asn enormous picture made from different apples each year, I think it is a man driving an old tractor this year.

There are more and more places here now where one can make cider from our own apples, I don't think they pasteurize it. I don't think I've ever tasted unpasteurized cider though.

Have a great day!

I was at a specialty grocery story on the weekend and they had a YUGE (to quote Donald Trump) pumpkin there for sale. The tag said $150 and another tag said SOLD! That'll be one humungus jack-o-lantern!