Halloween at My House

 I made this with a thrift store candelabra....1.95!

 There are touches of Halloween everywhere throughout my house. 

 Even in my cookware.

 Some Halloween signs.

 Hand carved figures.

 A human skull from my days in dentistry.

 Cookbooks and corkscrews.  Click on any pic to enlarge.

 Witch bookends holding up a first edition set of The Equinox by Aleister Crowley and a Victorian Era witch tambourine.

 I always have Halloween candy available.

 I used to read these to my kids when they were small.

 As opposed to this one....

 I found this at a thrift store a few years ago.  These two are really terrifying.

 A cauldron waiting to be filled with candy.

Are you ready for Halloween?


Anonymous said…
That book is the scariest Halloween thing You have :-) I do like the cauldron with the witch! So cool!

Have a great day!


I love the cute sayings you have. I just love looking at your home on Halloween.
Agnieszka said…
A human skull! Wow, you have nerves of steel :-) Everything looks great!
Guillaume said…
Happy Halloween in advance!
mlw33 said…
I am so ready for Halloween, but not ready for it to be over! Saying goodbye to this Halloween season is going to be hard. ��
Gemmagirl said…
A frightfully beautiful collection.
Made your recipe for chocolate chip cookies..(big ones) Candles lit and the porch light is on, signaling that we are open for the little gobblin's, ghosts, witches, etc. Hoping my gorgeous black cat stays out of harms way..some strange folks out there. He and all three of them are huge and gorgeous.
New puppy is growing like a weed. I miss Mele' something terrible though..even with the new puppy to keep me busy.
I read what was under the photo's of the two people on the poster..and guess I have an occult link! Sheesh! So silly! Happy Halloween, Joyce. Have fun!!