Happy Halloween

 Happy Halloween to everyone!!!  Now I have another whole year to wait for it to happen again.

 I got my Halloween bracelets out.

 The squirrels have not eaten my Indian corn yet.

 I bought lots of pumpkins.

 The wall in my garage...I"m still adding to it.

 Thank goodness the pool is covered.

 Autumn cushions on the chairs.

 A carpet of colors everywhere.

 More Halloween candy.  I've made hundreds of treat bags to pass out.

 Teddy is enjoying the crisp weather.

 A Halloween moon.

 Halloween shoes.

 Pumpkins on the roof.

 I've been making lots of Halloween food.  My kids love Halloween pizzas.

 Baked brain (baked brie).

Fall....I'm not ready for you to be over yet.


Agnieszka said…
Wonderful colours!
Happy Halloween and a Blessed Samhain on this lovely fall day. I made a big pot of soup and will tuck up with a blanket and my cats today. Oregon has cold, rainy weather. Blessed be!
lady M said…
Enjoy your day - hope you get lots of treaters!
Anonymous said…
no body does it better than you!!! I love what you painted in the garage,, its beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Yes it looks like You are totally ready for Halloween :-)

Happy Halloween!

Laura said…
I love those shoes! Where ever did you find them?
Happy Halloween!

ps...hugs to Teddy!
Shirley Elliott said…
Your garage wall is awesome! You are so very talented. Have loved all the recipes you share and your Halloween decorations are stunning. It's a perfect fall day here in VA with temperatures in the upper 60s and fat, fluffy gold leaves falling and swirling around. Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year - and probably how I found your blog. It's always a treat to read your posts. Happy Halloween!
Guillaume said…
Happy Halloween! Love the pics especially the wall paintings. Wanna try that brain!
Anonymous said…
You are indeed celebrating well.
Nellie said…
I always love to see your fall/Halloween displays! Enjoy!!
Barb said…
We do share a love of Autumn. I think I could live with it all year. Maybe just a month or two of snow. And a bit of summer for gardening, just a month or two. I am sad to see today end. We had lots of wonderful trick-or-treaters! So many said thanks and Happy Halloween, we do have hope for the future.
My very favorite thing is your serpent gate. I've saved a picture of it. So neat! The Fall leaves are just so beautiful. I do miss the Fall colors..they have some up north but nothing like on the East Coast..nothing!!