Smoked Meats Sandwich

Here is one of the sandwiches I made with yesterday's telera rolls.  I used smoked meats I bought at a local smokehouse.  I love to visit these places and see what they are selling.
For instance, this smokehouse is known for selling smoked butter.  It's the only place I can buy it and I sure am happy to have it available.  They smoke salami, pepperoni, ham, chicken.....just about anything you can think of.
Good sandwiches are all about layering flavors.  For this one, I spread  some of my pesto on one side of the roll.

 Then I added a thin layer of my garlic hummus.

 I spread the other side of the bun with mayo and some of my truffle mustard.

I sauteed broccoli rabe and garlic ahead of time and added it next.  I left out a photo but I then added some of my oven roasted tomatoes.

 Then I added the meats and assorted cheeses.  I used gouda and havarti.

 I like to use crunchy lettuce on sandwiches like these so I added romaine.

Do you want a bite?


Anonymous said…

the parcel came!!!!
Susan said…
I swear I could eat three of those - that is more fabulous food in one place than I've ever seen. Dreamy!
Anonymous said…
Yes I would :-)
I'm about to make something similar right now :-) No smoked butter though but smoked ham and smoked sausages will be used on my sandwiches :-)

Have a great day!

Gemmagirl said…
I don't know whether to visit you or Chister. These look amazing and I'm sure the taste is indescribable. I hope they enjoy.
Guillaume said…
Smoked meat is typically Montrealer. We have it with dill pickles and mustard. Schwartz's smoked meat is meant to be the best.
Fiona said…
Those sandwiches are art! Yes I am now hungry! :)
Kay said…
Oh no... Now I'm hungry!