A Christmas Festival

 We took off early on Saturday to go to our first Christmas festival of the year.

 We drove to Amish country; you can see how they stack their corn stalks.

 Unfortunately, there wasn't much of a festival happening but we found the cutest pottery shop.  The potters kiln is in the back.  This town is so small, it has only 46 residents.

 This is her railing in front of the shop. So cute.

 And look what we found inside!  Lucy, the bunny, sitting in her little bed.

 My daughter in law fell in love.  She fed Lucy Cherrios from her treat jar that has a carrot on the lid.

 Lucy loves Cherrios.

 The owner adopted her as a rescue and isn't quite sure of her age but thinks she is around 8 years old.

 Lucy had a rough morning at the vet so she received lots of treats.

 We walked around the town a bit and then left and drove through the countryside.

 Though the leaves are past their peak, the scenery is still beautiful.

And I bought a cute pitcher for my garden.
 Made by Lucy's mom.

And a raven ring bowl. 


Anonymous said…
sounds like a lovely relaxing place to visit and your purchases are beautiful,,
greekwitch said…
I just love the little bunny stuffed toy on her bed she has to keep her company! This is just too cute!
Barb said…
I love that raven bowl!
Guillaume said…
It's a bit early for Christmas but this looks quite nice.