Fall in My Garden

 Fall in my upper garden always brings a blanket of leaves.

I almost hate raking them up because they are so pretty.                                                                                                         
 The Oakleaf Hydrangeas are glorious this time of year.

 The Japanese Maples are always the last to change.

 I started these marigolds from seed and they are still blooming.

 This is the tree The Blog Tech and his wife planted at their wedding.  I need to get it in the ground asap.

 Winter is just around the corner.  We might see our first snow this weekend.


Anonymous said…
it really does look beautiful in all seasons but Fall is my favorite, the leaves on the ground just make your property that much more lovely.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful as always!

I've always wanted a Japanese maple here but they aren't hardy enough. Well, who knows what the climate change will do.

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
Lovely pictures as usual.
Agnieszka said…
Your garden looks magical. We had our first snowfall last night, and the garden went from green, golden and red to black and white!
I am commenting at 3:27 in the morning out here in California. I came looking for some sense of sanity..something that can make me feel that something is right in the world. Your Fall garden and YOU make me feel at least a bit better. Oddly, it did help. You are out there doing good for others, feeding children...just knowing there are people like you helps me feel better.