Chicken Squash and Green Bean Curry

I've been receiving different squashes each week in my CSA box and had accumulated quite a few and wasn't sure what to turn them into.  Yesterday, I was stuck for an idea as to what I could make for the after school kids.  I kept staring at the squash thinking of how I could turn it into something they would like.  As I spent about an hour peeling them and cubing them, I came up with this recipe.
 I used 1 pie pumpkin, 2 large Hubbard squash, and 4 delicatta.

 Dice 2 jumbo onions.
 Melt some coconut oil in a pot.

 Saute the onions until they begin to soften then add the squash.

 I used 2 jars of green Thai curry paste, 1 jar of red curry paste and 6 tablespoons of yellow curry powder. 
 I also added some sliced poblano peppers and a large knob of minced ginger.  Then I sprinkled in 3 cups of flour and cooked it for a few minutes to cook off the floury flavor.

 Then I added 6 quarts if homemade chicken stock and brought it to a boil until it began to thicken.  I added some chicken bouillon for added flavor, 4 tablespoons of brown sugar and 3 tablespoons of fish sauce.

Lastly, I added 4 cans of coconut milk, 1 pound of green beans and 4 pounds of diced cooked chicken.  This was served over basmati rice with lime wedges.

This made 18 quarts of curry.  I don't expect anyone to replicate this recipe but I am posting it because I will make it again and my blog is my recipe file.

I was very interested to hear how the kids liked this because I felt like I was really pushing boundaries by cooking something like this for them.  The Blog tech texted me and said the kids dove on it.  None of them had ever eaten curry before but they all ate it and loved it.  Only one girl picked the squash out.


It sounds pretty healthy too.
Mary said…
I agree it sound like avery healthy soup. I hope the girl did at least try to squash first before removing it. Some people say they don't like a vegetable but stand firm on " I don't like that". I have a husband who says he does not like avocado at all. i asked what way he had it...he said he never had it at all! Just doesn't like it! Deal with that...
Anonymous said…
I do like anything with curry :-) This sounds rather yummy and looks fairly easy to make. I'll see if I can find any nice squash next time I go to the super market and since I'm rather tired of chicken right now :-) I might use some pork instead :-)

Have a great day!

Curry is so perfect this time of year. Looks tempting for sure.
Guillaume said…
I miss a good curry.
One day they will remember these meals you have sent as the best food they have ever had and with a warm glow and wonder how you are.
Sending love...
chickpea678 said…
Yum that looks delicious!