I am so behind this holiday season. I'm not sure if it's because of getting trumpfucked or the warm weather but I'm not feeling very christmasy this year. I finally got my tree but as you can see, it is still keeping Santa company outside.  Hopefully today I will get it up.

 I've lived here for almost 30 years and I have never seen the leaves stay on the trees this long into Fall.

 It looks more like October here.

 Usually, these leaves would be long gone.

 There's still quite a bit of color in my gardens.

The Weeping Beech is still holding on to her leaves.
 December 3......amazing.


Agnieszka said…
I bet a little bit of snow would help you get in the Christmas mood... It's hard to believe it's December already when the leaves are still on the trees. We will hopefully get our tree tomorrow!
Laura said…
I think we are all doing things a little slowly this Christmas season.
My favorite thing to say these days is it 'is what it is'.
So be it!

Mary said…
I agree , we are still waiting for a neighbors big maple to lose it's leaves. We ( husband, I love saying we...) can do a final bagging of them. No snow please until all the leaves are gone....they get stuck in the snow blower otherwise and we ( husband) have a great deal of trouble with them clogging the snow blower. I agree with reason for no "spirit" here either. Still get flashes of horror and worry, but today will put away Fall things.
audrey B said…
Have not heard or seen the word "trumpfucked" until now. I am in Missouri and we had no orange or yellow this fall and the red I saw in November has left me sad and depressed. I am an avid reader of your blog, we share some loves Joyce, our homes, gardens, cooking and our children to top the list. One day I will tell you the story of my life long obsession with PUMPKINS and autumn.
I guess I just want you to know how much I enjoy the glimpse you give us into your life and how important it is that there are a few things I can count on to remind me there is still "normal" out there in the world. It is loving, giving, kind people such as you who will KEEP AMERICA GREAT! (As far as I knew my life was great until recent threats to my security.)
Don't press your luck dear. A friend was saying the same thing last year and a couple days later he had 3+ feet of snow. I told him to be careful what you say because Mamma Nature is listening and she has a wicked sense of humor.
Valerie said…
Although I am with you in feeling the national despair, I refuse to give in. I WILL celebrate Solstice, and I WILL NOT let the cheeto Nazi ruin my favorite season. Sending bright thoughts your way--your kindness and generosity to the school kids send beacons of precious light in to the world.
dkzody said…
I too am having a tough time getting around to decorating for Christmas. We visited a friend's home the other evening and she had her tree lit and her christmas village set up. It was quite delightful. I'm glad that someone is in the spirit as it's hard for me to get there.
You have had a very busy autumn to be honest so I guess it takes some time to get back in track so to speak. I guess since it also still look like late autumn the christmas feeling has problems to come. No such problems here tjough, no leafs on the trees, fairly cold today and a dusting of snow on the ground.

Have a great day!

Apparently, we're going into the deep freeze next week up here. Real winter weather!
Ian's Girl said…
You all sound like the Republicans clutching their pearls when Obama won. No one wants their candidate to lose, but you're letting Trump live rent-free in your heads, for crying out loud. Do not let him rob you of your joy!

I personally think it has more to do with the weather, because I voted for him, and I hadn't been feeling as Christmas-y as I usually do, either, until last week, when it finally cooled down. It's been downright chilly here, tho' we still have a fair bit of leaf action, too...especially the maples, which have spectacular color. In December!
1st Man said…
Been feeling down too, had a cold and got over it but still feel the blah's. The weather has been crazy all over, we were almost at 90 last week, today it's monsoon rains and 40's. Next week supposed to be back up into the 80's.

"trumpfucked". LMAO!!!!!!!! Hang in there, we'll get thru it!!! Together we are stronger.
lady M said…
Yup - the climate is changing. We can all see it but we are still surrounded by those who refuse to tell the emperor he is naked.
Guillaume said…
Lovely pictures sadly the snow is missing.
Nothing can sour this wonderful time of year. Love your blog and positive outlook on all things creative and nourishing. Hold on tight....the snow will come.