Ice Storm

 The Blog Tech, his wife and I were planning on leaving early this morning for a road trip.  Trip canceled!

 Not sure that you can see but the porch and path are a solid sheet of ice.  As is everything else.

 The walk of death.

 The outdoor furniture is coated and looks like someone polished it.

 The trees are groaning in their coats of ice.  Notice that I still have leaves and it's almost Xmas.

Santa is on the frozen patio shivering in his boots.  It's going to defrost around noon.  Teddy is not happy.


Anonymous said…
looks like a stay at home day! Good thing you did your shopping yesterday!!!
Poor Teddy,,
Mary said…
That looks so dangerous, just snow here in RI. Expecting a change to rain later but warm tomorrow. Staying inside in the best plan.
CalamityJr said…
I didn't realize this was such a wide storm. It looks the same here in central Illinois, and it's also as far south as the St Louis area where my daughter is. We're all home-bound! She's cleaning. I'm sure you'll be busy cooking or baking. Guess I'd better find something useful to do - or maybe brew some tea and read a book. :). Be safe!
Anonymous said…
We had fog and below 32 temperatures here this morning with the same result. I had to drive on slippery roads and it was anthing but fun.

Have a great day!

You still have snow under that ice. Pretty but deadly. It's raining for us right now. We are expecting an icy cold front to blast through Texas tonight around midnight. It's supposed to drop the temperatures from the 80's to at least the teens or the 20's on Sunday and Monday. My arthritic hands won't be able to take that.
Oooooo, ice storm! The most dangerous winter storm of all.
Guillaume said…
It is safer to stay home and avoid traveling. I have been through a huge ice storm back in 1998, I know how it is. It was like living in a winter third world country where there was guerilla.
1st Man said…
Wow, that's very dangerous indeed. It's beautiful in a way but yep, stay home, everyone!

Be warm! And safe!
Good thing you stayed put. SAME here. Dangerous for sure. Have packages to pick up at the post office... said FURGETABOUTIT.
Ian's Girl said…
SO beautiful, but deadly. We had an ice storm down here several years ago that snapped most of the telephone poles/power lines all across N Arkansas on over into TN and KY. We were without power for almost two weeks. It was very peaceful, but did a lot of damage and killed a lot of trees.
chickpea678 said…
I like that shot of Santa!
...and I thought it was a BIG deal when I woke up to 30 degree's outside in California. Southern, no less! :) Lots on the news about your weather..and seeing your yard, beautiful though it may be, I am glad of our 30 degree's. All the roofs were white but no frozen fountains. Of course they are close to the house. The cats have nice thick coats but not being house cats, this is their first Winter. So far so good. I've made beds for them out of old afghans in the thickly padded patio chairs so that they have shelter on three sides at least and of course a roof over their little heads and warm meals three times a snacks. I should charge rent.. lol Sending love..and hoping you can still work your day trip in soon.
Kay said…
Ice storms are so beautiful, but so dangerous and scary!