We finally got some measurable snow!

 I am in winter heaven.

 When you live in the city, a good snow is a gift of silence.

 It's like a nice fluffy white comforter has been thrown over everything.

 My Christmas front door this year.

 My lanterns are lit.

 It's hard to get a good pic of it.

Fake icicles to go with the real ones.


Susan said…
I think the beauty of a snowfall is measured by how much you have to drive in it... :) That said, I would rather have snow than not! Everything looks so beautiful at your home!
Absolutely Beautiful!! I am so jealous, not only of the snow but your home. It's like a wonderland. A fabulous Christmas card. I'm surprised no one is breaking down your door asking permission to take pictures for a Christmas card company. Sweetie, you are so blessed by the Goddess.
1st Man said…
fabulous front door. enjoy the snow.
Jeannine520 said…
That looks so pretty. We had about a half inch of snow back in 1976 and haven't had a single snowflake since. It looks like so much fun, enjoy your pretty snow!
OMG! Absolutely gorgeous! I didn't decorate outside this year..I did hang a wreath and one on the little gate but that's it. Perhaps next year..
I did put up a tree..and decorate the inside..late but it got done. Kept me busy...The snow...will I ever, EVER get over missing the snow.
Living in Portland Oregon as a child, made it's mark on me forever. We will be getting snow in the mountains..and rain here in the valley. LOVE the photo's... a BIG thanks for posting them.
Guillaume said…
Oh this is gorgeous and I envy you so much you have no idea!!
chickpea678 said…
Beautiful front door!