The Tree is Up

 My tree is finally up and almost finished being decorated.

 It's funny how you slow down as you get older.  There were years where I put up a tree in every room in my house including the kitchen and bedrooms.  That was a dozen trees and we cut them all down too.

 Now I put up one and this year it was almost 2 weeks later than usual.

 The startling thing is that my kids put their trees up before I did!  This is the first time that ever happened.

 Of course, I'm still cleaning up from Thanksgiving and cooking for the after school kids takes up lots of time.  It seems like when I'm not cooking, I am grocery shopping.

But at least this one is up and the mantle is done.  Maybe when I get some grandkids, I'll get my Xmas mojo back.


I suspect you're still tired from the big wedding this summer too. Your tree is lovely as usual!
It's beautiful!!!! You've had a very busy deserve to give yourself a break!!
Susan said…
Maybe it was difficult to get in the spirit this year. Mine is still missing. I would love to have a tree, but my cats would bring it down before I finished putting it up. I love your ornaments - they are so beautiful.
laurie said…
it looks amazing!! One tree is enough,, sometimes less is more, you can only look at one tree at a time,, having one makes you appreciate it more I think,,
Anonymous said…
You have plenty of Christmas mojo.
Ian's Girl said…
My Christmas is now complete...the October Farm tree is up in all its glory! I think you'd be amazed at how many people around the world look forward to this! I know I do.

In addition to all the cooking you do, you've run the gamut emotionally lately, from great joy down to fury and despair. That takes its toll.

Go easy on yourself.... it'll do you good and the novelty will likely amuse you no end.
Anonymous said…
Compared to most Swedes You are very early :-) There's an old tradition here that one shouldn't put up the tree until the day before Christmas eve and dress it on christmas eve.
My family was very early because we put up the tree at december 13th, Saint Lucia's day and dressed it the same day. We were seen as a bit odd :-)

Your tree is beautiful as always!

Have a great day!

Heritage Hall said…
Some do not get as far as you have and don't do the half of what you gentle in your estimate.... The tree is magnificent
and your home environment has the holiday mojo intact. The jewel on
your Christmas crown is your love and care of the "children" and isn't
that what Christmas is all about? I'll say it again, "As ever, you are
a marvel".....
My Yule mojo is completely phfffffffftt! I don't have the spirit in me this year. I think it has to do with the election and the awful things to come. I am trying but it's a sad attempt.
1st Man said…
Your tree is stunning. It's magical!!!
Very pretty! It was easier getting the tree up and making Christmas in our homes in past years. Even though I have less to do, it takes me twice as long.
chickpea678 said…
It's so very pretty! So bright & cheerful ❤️
Jeannine520 said…
Looks great, and you're well ahead of me. I've got both trees straight in stands but have only one lighted so far.
How many ways can you say GORGEOUS. It's lovely.