Chicken Taquitos

 This is what I made for the after school kids yesterday...chicken taquitos.  The kids eat everything that I send to them but certain things are their favorites and these are always popular.  I made 8 quarts of salsa to go with them.

 For the filling, dice cooked chicken (I used about 7 quarts but I made almost 100 of these), 3 blocks of cream cheese (8oz), 6 cups of grated cheddar cheese, granulated garlic and onion, cumin, chili powder, salt and pepper or you can use packaged taco seasoning. Squeeze in the juice of 3 limes.

 Mix it thoroughly.  I also added corn.

 Roll some filling in flour tortillas.

 Place them seam side down and brush with oil.

Bake them in a 400 degree oven for about 15 minutes until they begin to brown.   These can be served warm or at room temperature.


Susan said…
My guess is that, as word gets around about the quality of the food in the after school program, you may be feeding over a hundred next year....brace yourself.
Anonymous said…
That looks delicious! Still too much for me but I managed to eat some pancakes today :-)

Have a great day!

Mary Ann said…
That is an easy recipe for a crowd!
Gemmagirl said…
As usual food that nourishes the body and spirit.
linda said…
Wow. That's a lot of work and looks delicious! I know they loved those!
What a neat healthy dish for kids! They must dream about the food you send to them! I am so proud to know you and your least I FEEL like I do! :) Honey on toast this morning with fresh coffee and I thought of you and the the blog tech. Please tell him "hi" for me, will you?