Measuring Cups and Spoons

 I don't indulge in holiday sales very often but I did this time.  Williams Sonoma had these measuring spoons and cups on sale and they were perfect for me.

 They are ceramic.

 And they have little spouts for pouring liquids.

So I can have pumpkins around me all year long.
There's even a tiny pumpkin in the 1/4 cup.  These make me smile.


It's like they were made to order for you! Williams Sonoma!!!
Susan said…
They're beautiful!
OMG!!! I'm a Williams Sonoma freak! I love shopping online and getting their catalogs. Those measuring spoons and cups are so CUTE!!
Cottage Tails said…
good score. you will get a lot of use and pleasure out of them
Anonymous said…
They are so beautiful!

Have a great day!

I can see why they make you smile. ENJOY!
Gemmagirl said…
That's quite a find. They'll go perfect with your lovely fall kitchen aide . I'm smiling too.
Guillaume said…
Those measuring cups look great! They make me long for autumn.
greekwitch said…
They are very pretty!!! Love them!