New Mexican Pottery

 I was dusting some of my pottery collection yesterday and I thought you might like to see it.

 We used to spend a lot of time in Santa Fe and we always visited the pueblos while we were there. The pottery is fabulous.

 My two favorite pueblos are Santa Clara and San Ildefonso. The later one being the home of the most famous potter, Marie Martinez.

 You can read more about her here:

 Many people invite you right into their homes so you can see their work.

It's all quite wonderful and if you happen to be in the area, you really should visit them.  The pottery is sold in many shops in the area but actually seeing where it's made and having the pueblo experience...priceless. 


Beautiful! I especially like the first piece.
This pottery is gorgeous. I love the spider and also the last piece pictured.
Gemmagirl said…
How beautiful and priceless. I wished I lived closer. The good thing is I can enjoy them through your eyes. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
So beautiful pottery!
I doubt I can find anything like it over here.

Have a great day!