Sometimes Broken Pipes are a Good Thing

 My broken pipes are fixed and the flood made me drop everything and thoroughly clean my garden room from floor to ceiling.

 Sitting on my coffee table is a new Japanese charcoal burner which I hope to be doing lots of cooking on.  (Think the hibachis of the 70's) Though these are made of ceramic and burn binchotan charcoal.  I'll post more about it when I start using it.

 I washed all of the redware I have displayed in this room.  I love redware and have collected it for years.

 A lot of it is from Vermont.  The leaves are from Colorado.

 But I have collected it from all over the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

I love the earthiness of it.

BTW....Teddy has thawed out too.


Susan said…
Your collection is beautiful! I love redware. I love Teddy's one little foot/paw pointed back.
Your collection is so beautiful. I love the plates so pretty! Poor Teddy. I noticed the one little leg sticking out from the back. Much like when we sometimes get too hot and cool off by sticking one leg out of the bed covers.
Anonymous said…
That's the first time I've heard broken pipes can be a good thing :-) :-)

Your redware is beautiful!

Have a great day!

Love your REDWARE. It is beautiful. And thank goodness Teddy thawed out.
PS) And that your broken pipes are fixed.
Well, every cloud has a silver lining, as they say.
Guillaume said…
Gorgeous collection.

Oh and by the way, if you wish to cook tourtière, you can find the recipe here:

It is my parents' and is an authentic tourtière recipe.
You do have some of the most beautiful things..that red ware is amazing! Floods never make me happy..:) Can't wait to see how you cook with that device..