A Superbowl Snackadium for the Kids

 Besides just feeding the after school kids, I think it is very important to give them something to look forward to.  When I see an opportunity to celebrate something, I go for it and they always have a great time with it. This is what I made them for a small Superbowl party!  Click for a closer look.  The goal posts, which are not standing up straight, where made out of beef sticks.

 First I had to make the stadium.  Hey, give me a glue gun and stand back!

I filled the stadium sections with sliced ham and roast beef, different cheeses, olives pickles and jalapenos, chips, nuts and pretzels.I made potato rolls so the kids could assemble sandwiches and I put extra bowls of snacks on the side.  I rarely do this but as an added treat, I bought a bunch of sodas which of course they loved.  Ha!  I sent the finished pic to one of my friends and he said he hoped his seat is in the cheetos section.  My DIL said she wanted to be tackled face down on the field.

 The pics are awful because I had to do some of the assembly in the car.

Guacamole served as the playing field.  Piped cream cheese made up the yard lines.  When we took it to the center, we filled the side containers with queso cheese and salsa.
 And interestingly, with all the baking I do for these kids, their favorite treats are these peanut butter and butter cream ritz cracker cookies.

I made about 150 of them and they were gone fast.  The kids had a blast.


No doubt about it -- TOUCHDOWN!
What fun. And scrumptious too.
That is such a cool idea for a snack tray. I'll have to Photo Copy this for my cookbook serving ideas.
BTW, I laughed so hard at your comment about Paul's sneezing when you read my blog post for Monday. Sneezing was how the plague started in Stephen King's "The Stand." I'd invest in surgical masks. Aahahahaaa!
Anonymous said…
That's just so cool! and those cookies would go down fast here too :-)

Have a great day!

Gemmagirl said…
You are amazing. How outstanding this is! I bet the kids all dove in.
Susan said…
You are too much! Those kids will remember you fondly forever. How did you get those goal posts together?
Teacats said…
I agree with the above comment -- those kids will remember your kindness and creativity for the rest of their lives!

Food really is the best Magic!
Kay said…
Oh yum! That looks absolutely awesome!!!
Mary Ann said…
It looked like so much fun, you really are so creative!
chickpea678 said…
A friend of mine in CA made the same thing! Boy was I shocked to learn that TWO people I know are energetic enough to make this superfun superbowl snack :)!