Easter Wreath

I guess I better start wrapping my head around winter being over.  We are going to be close to 70 degrees this weekend and well into next week.  My crocuses are up as well as my daffodils. No winter this year.  My daughter loves having seasonal wreaths on her front door so I made her an Easter wreath yesterday.

I find ugly old wreath castoffs at thrift stores for 1.00.  I rip off whatever they are covered with and use the base to make a new one.  Easy and very affordable!


Anonymous said…
I've never had an easter wreath, to be honest I wonder if I've ever seen one here :-)

Have a great day!

You're a wizard with a glue gun.
Guillaume said…
I didn't know there was such a thing as an Easter Wreath. Looks cool. And it is about time we start thinking about Easter.
Gemmagirl said…
Beautiful. Now you're getting me excited for spring and Easter activities. Thank you for the inspiration.
1st Man said…
Beautiful, just beautiful!
Clever idea. This is such a sweet wreath too.