Happy Groundhog Day

I played with my food again.  I made Phil and these cakes for the after school kids today.

 I started by making three decadent chocolate bundt cakes.

 Then I made a silky ganache for the icing.

 Chopped up a bunch of chocolate cookies for the dirt.

 Then covered the cakes with the ganache and sprinkled the cookie dirt over them.

 Surrounded the cakes with green tinted coconut.

And made a totally goofy looking Phil to put in the center of one.  BTW...Phil saw his shadow so we should have 6 more weeks of winter. Which means I still have a chance for snow since we have had a horribly mild one so far.  Tomorrow I'll show you what I made them for their meal to go along with these.


Mary said…
How cute is that?
Susan said…
This has to be my favorite thing about today.
Cottage Tails said…
Terribly cute! We are still waiting for summer - no sun just rain, rain, rain.
That is soooooo CUTE! What a great idea!
It's overcast and in the 50's today. we will have some rain coming up from the Gulf coast. But otherwise, I'm feeling much better. This flu is a monster. It took me 48 hours to get over it. Nasty little beasty it is.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to still have a chanse to get some winter :-) :-) Not much of a winter here either but I'm happy about that :-)

I couldn't but smile when I saw the cakes :-)

Have a great day!


Saundra said…

You're an amazing lady. The gifts you give to "the kids" are wonderful to eat but expands their world view. I'm guessing there's a chance their children will fare better than they have. Hugs to you & your son. How do I know? I was one of those kids a long time ago. Now I'm a good cook who learned to cook Italian, German, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, & Iranian food (most of it the peasant food) & love feeding others. Bless you for your creativity too--love the groundhog.
Gemmagirl said…
what a show stopper. I can imagine how much the kids loved this. Our Phil didn't see his shadow up here in Southern Ontario so promise of early spring though we're in a deep freeze tonight. Thanks for this lively post.
Yep six more weeks of winter. Not thrilled with that idea here Phil. Great cakes.
Mystica said…
I don't know what a groundhog is but those cakes look so yummy. I bet the children would have been delighted.
Cute idea and the kids are going and I'm delight that Phil came through with more Winter. I know you love it. We can see the snow on the mountains but that's it. Hope you get lots of it before Winter is over.
Kay said…
Totally adorable! I can just imagine how much the kids loved it.
chickpea678 said…
So cute! I'm just reading about a two-ingredient frosting made of sweet potato puree and chocolate. Have you heard of that or tried it?