My Love/Hate Relationship with Fiestaware

My favorite color is black.  So, Fiestaware  was something I was never interested in until I found that I lived a couple hours away from the factory.  I found myself checking out their "seconds shop" every time I was in the area on one of our trips. I bought myself a set of dishes in chartreuse and chocolate.  For me, this was very colorful!
 A few days ago I saw that they had a sale going on in the "seconds" shop so I jumped in the car and headed there.  I wanted to purchase a pair of mixing bowls.  Unfortunately, they didn't have all of the sizes or the matching colors I wanted.  These bowls are great for a bread baker.  They hold heat so they are perfect bowls to help your bread rise.  I didn't want the trip to be a waste of time so I bought a red medium bowl.

 The only other sizes they had were in navy blue.  They were so cheap I couldn't pass them up.  Notice how quickly I'm getting colorful? I justified my decision by telling myself they would look good on a 4th of July buffet.

 Then I found these green prep bowls that match my dishes.

 I started to lose my mind a little bit.  I saw this beautiful yellow crock that I thought would look great on my new potting table. (More on that later).

 And this navy utensil holder to hold garden tools.  How very Provencal it will look.

 And these two vases because they matched the last two pieces.

 And this one just because it was there.  My dish cabinet now looks like the LGBT flag.  I've promised myself to never use them all together at the same time.  That would push my OCD into overdrive


Anonymous said…
Don't think we have it over here but it does look nice.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said…
That last one looks like a face my mother had from the 1940s. Rather art deco, don't you think?
Anonymous said…
I meant VASE, not face. Sheesh.
I love your splashes of color. That chartruese sings to me. I used to be black all the time, then surprised everybody when I got a cheap set of orange pots and pans. Made my day. ENJOY your fiestaware.
Guillaume said…
They all look quite nice.
Jim said…
Wish I was there with you!! You had WAY too much fun for one person to handle!! lol
I have a couple of Homer Laughlin designed settings at the shop but none of his Fiestaware.
Susan said…
Sounds like potato can never buy just one. I have the same problem in the Bennington Pottery seconds racks.
Gemmagirl said…
Gee I wish I lived closer. I wonder if they ship to Canada? Your choices are magnificent.
Wow! Those are really nice. The red is just plain gorgeous.
chickpea678 said…
I love all of them! I've always liked colorful fiestaware!