Peep Racers

 My very flamboyant boyfriend and his partner are throwing a birthday party tonight.  The theme of the party is ridiculous food.  Right up my alley.

 I've been cooking and baking for days and I will post what I made tomorrow.

As a teaser, I thought you might like to see the peep race cars I made.  Click for a closer look.  Be careful, don't get run over.  These guys are speed demons.


What a wonderful theme for a party!
I do like that theme :-)

Have a great party!

That is such a great idea. Those Peep Racers are cute!
Heritage Hall said…
Hope you will share the process of constructing them....they would make adorable Easter favors for the Children....
Susan said…
And they will last forever - those ARE Twinkies, right? They are downright adorable!
clever and cute. you know everybody is going to steal this idea don't you?
greekwitch said…
This is adorable. If you find the time please explain how you made them. My little one would love them!!! Are they sweet or savory?